Japure is a remake of Taito's puzzle game Puzznic from 1989 with a couple of new gameplay features added into the mix.

The game's rules are easy to understand but hard to master: Blocks of the same color must be moved together so they disappear from the level. Blocks can only be moved sideways, but thanks to gravity they fall down if they stand in midair. If two or more blocks of the same color get to sit next to and/or on top of each other, they disappear at once. The goal of the game is to remove all colored blocks from each level.

Japure contains 60 levels (with graphic sets changing every 10 levels) and features additional game elements (namely ice, joker blocks, cracked walls) that challenge the player's brain even more.

Screenshots from Japure

Gameplay Elements


If a block slides onto ice, it continues its current horizontal movement until it either gets off the ice or an obstacle stops it.

Joker Blocks

A Joker block behaves like a normal block, but as soon as it touches other movable blocks, they immediately disappear with the joker block regardless of their color.

Cracked Walls

A cracked wall can't hold the weight of more than one movable block at a time, otherwise it breaks. A cracked wall also collapses if a movable block falls onto it.

Help Blocks

The more difficult levels can contain a help block. If you click on it, you get some hints how to solve the current level.


Japure was created with Game Maker by Mark Overmars
Graphics & coding by Renzo "Eshaktaar" Thönen
MIDI music by Neil "Trapezoid" Cicierega


Japure can be downloaded here:

Japure 1.1 (FileFront)
Japure 1.1 (Softpedia)


Here are a few gameplay videos of later (and harder) levels:

Level 26
Level 52
Level 60

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