What started as a mere test mission soon became my first Fan Mission (FM) for Thief 2: The Metal Age. Initially, I just wanted to make a small manor FM with a simple "break in - steal stuff - leave" premise, but instead it grew into a full-fledged mission featuring several plot twists.

Since its sequel, Broken Triad, picks up where Ominous Bequest ended, I updated my first FM's visuals and adjusted a few gameplay niggles in March 2008.
If you've played Ominous Bequest before but don't remember the story too well, here's an excuse to replay the mission. :)

A review of the FM can be found at Southquarter: Ominous Bequest review written by nicked

Screenshots from Ominous Bequest Gold


Garrett gets hired by an antiques dealer to pay Farrington Manor a nightly visit. Lord Farrington passed away some days ago, and his sons are now arguing over the inheritance because the late lord's testament is missing. Garrett's task is to find said testament before the heirs do and collect all the valuables listed on the document.


This mission is larger than it might seem at first, and it takes even the author almost two hours to finish. The gameplay is a bit more puzzle-oriented than the original Thief mission were, but the difficulty should always stay on a fair level. Just keep in mind that all the puzzles contain clues to their solutions somewhere in the mission.


You can download the FM (20 MB, Gold Version, English and German) from the following locations:

Keep of Metal and Gold

Many thanks to the kind people who are hosting the file!


If you get stuck and can't seem to progress on your own, there is an excellent walkthrough written by Freddy Fox:

Ominous Bequest Walkthrough

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