Here's what's been happening on this site recently:

05.12.2009 - ???

Check the Games section for a small update.

13.10.2009 - Some updates

Portfolio - Animations
The ReWrap video can now be seen in (YouTube) HD.

Games - Mental Repairs, Inc.
Added another link to a game review.

19.08.2009 - Videos

Added a couple of videos showing the solution of three of the game's harder levels.

11.07.2009 - Happy New Year! *ahem*

Well, I just realized I've neglected the news page a bit, so here goes:

Added links to several reviews of my games.

Thief - Broken Triad
Corrected the TYNWtKaBT page to make it XHTML valid. Now everyone can sleep better.

23.12.2008 - Some small additions

Thief - Custom Stuff
Added a new object (ancient button & lever) on the first page.
Included the stand and violin as separate objects in the zip of the violin.

Home - About
Added a riveting explanation of my nickname.

21.12.2008 - Online!

Finally, I managed to finish the website and upload everything.

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