Keyhunt was my contribution to Yandros' Small Stock Resource Contest held in 2006. All missions of the contest had to follow two rules: The entire geometry needed to be inside a volume of 500,000 cubic DromEd units, and only the resources included in the original game (objects, textures, sounds) were allowed in the mission.

I built Keyhunt within two weeks, and it was a welcome change to Broken Triad which needed a lot of custom assets.

Keyhunt won the contest, despite its potentially off-putting name. :)

A review of the FM can be found at Southquarter: Keyhunt review written by Weasel

Screenshots from Keyhunt


While rummaging through his collection of souvenirs he kept from past adventures, Garrett discovers a curious golden key decorated with a skull. He recognizes the design to belong to the Eastlawn Cemetery in Dayport and decides to have a look for the fitting lock.


Keyhunt is a short mission that can be finished in less than an hour. As with all of my FMs, I put a special emphasis on puzzle solving. In this case, the entire mission is one big puzzle, actually, and it comes with a little twist at the end.


You can download the FM (2 MB) from the following locations:
Keep of Metal and Gold

Many thanks to the kind people who are hosting the file!

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