My intended hiatus from Thief after I had finished Ominous Bequest didn't last very long. Quite to the contrary, I started making another mission in the same year, although at first I didn't plan it to be a direct sequel to Ominous Bequest.

If I had known in advance that Broken Triad would take me a whopping four years (working on and off) to finish it, I probably would've closed the editor and written a text adventure instead. ;)

Screenshots from Broken Triad


The turn of events in Farrington Manor (the story of Ominous Bequest) compel Garrett to keep a low profile for a while. He leaves the familiar turf of the City and finds a temporary (and very lucrative) home in the town of Arkford.
Three months later, right before heading back home again, Garrett decides to get a souvenir from Arkford's public museum, namely a stone bust called "The Sleeper". Not only is the sculpture a coveted item among collectors, it is also surrounded by a complex security system which makes the task all the more interesting for a master thief.


Broken Triad consists of two consecutive missions whose difficulty is on about the same level as its prequel. That means there are quite a few puzzles to solve, especially in the first mission, but all of them either have an easily deductable solution, or you can find a description somewhere that tells you what to do. The second mission leads to the story's climax and puts more emphasis on exploration.


You can download the FM (55 MB) from the following locations:
Thief: The Circle
Keep of Metal and Gold

Many thanks to the kind people who are hosting the file!


If you get stuck and can't seem to progress on your own, there is an excellent walkthrough written by Nightwalker and Freddy Fox:

Broken Triad Mission 1 Walkthrough
Broken Triad Mission 2 Walkthrough


Here are two screenshots that can be used as 1024x768 desktop wallpapers:

Things You Never Wanted to Know about Broken Triad

During beta testing I assembled a list of random details and oddities about both missions. Naturally, it's full of spoilers, that's why I put it on a separate page. Don't click if you haven't finished the missions yet:

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