The main reason I made this site was to put all the game stuff I've created over the years into one place. I also wanted to try my hand at some web design with CSS & PHP, and this is the result.


Hello. I'm just a guy who's a bit crazy about making computer games. :D


I've been using this word for quite a while now, and in most cases for things that I simply couldn't think of a better name. So, as I found myself unable to come up with a proper name for my website, I just used the standard placeholder.
What does it mean? Apparently, it's Romanian for pigeon, but for me Hulub just stands for nothing and everything at the same time.

Eshak... what?

Morrowind asked me to enter a name for the protagonist. I hit a couple of random keys and rearranged the letters a bit to get something resembling a name. Then I joined TTLG and used that very name to register.
No deep story behind that one either, you see. Sorry about that.

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