Henrik Liaw (2008)

Henrik Liaw is the player character in Mental Repairs, Inc., a 2.5D adventure game I released as freeware in 2008. He's the son of a Chinese father and a Finnish mother (hence his name) and has a slightly tired look about him due to his sleep deprivation at the start of the game. Henrik is a machine psychiatrist. By using his wrench (the Katharsis Interface), he can enter the mind of a machine and treat its malfunctions on a mental level.
Because of an engine limitation I could not use an alpha channel for Henrik's texture. Otherwise I'd have done his hair a bit differently.

Ivan Buslakov (2007)

This low poly character was a school assignment (Visual Techniques) which resulted in a short animation. Ivan is a Russian marathon runner who's at the brink of exhaustion. He's been running for so long, he's forgotten which competition he's participating in and where he is supposed to be going.
The longish image below shows my painting process for Ivan's diffuse texture.

Skater Cow for UT2004 Mod UnWheel (2007)

UnWheel is a racing modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. Although I had no part in the creation of the mod, I decided to make a skateboarding cow just for the heck of it.
I started sculpting a high poly version first (in ZBrush) which I used later on to bake some details into the diffuse texure (as UT2004 doesn't support normal maps).

Victrola (2007)

This is an improved version of Thief 2's standard victrola. I created it for the the second mission of the FM campaign Circle of Stone and Shadow.
The object can be downloaded (in Thief's .bin format) here.

Nyarsal (2006)

Nyarsal is an interdimensional demon and the main villain in my Thief 2 FM Broken Triad. He only managed to enter this dimension partially which is why the lower half of his body is missing. He's also got a bad temper and terrible table manners.
Although the texture shown here is 512x512, I had to scale it down to 256x256 for the game, as Thief doesn't support any higher texture resolutions (yes, it's that old).

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